Having been an educator for 25 years in the UK and internationally and spending the last decade working as the head of an established International Baccalaureate (IB) school, founding principal of a new IB school and founding chair of the IB Association of Schools in the UAE, I’m in a position to say the value of an IB education is undeniable.

The IB education programme is robust and well-recognised as an educational curriculum. It combines disciplines to help students develop transferable skills such as communication, research, critical thinking, social skills and self-management. 

These skills are key in helping students prepare for higher education and working life.

Independent research has found that IB diploma students are three times more likely to enrol in a top 20 higher education institution than their equivalent A level peers, and 40 per cent more likely to obtain a first-class or upper second-class honours degree.

As an international boutique school with small classes, at Fairview we deliver a personalised approach to learning, tailoring each student’s education journey to their individual needs and ambitions. 

In line with the IB, we take a holistic approach to education, recognising and nourishing individual strengths and talents, supporting students to have confidence in their abilities.

At Fairview we want to ensure students can achieve the highest grades they can, while being as accessible as possible. For example, we offer scholarships for Academic Passion, Excellence in Performing Arts and Sporting Performance. 

Our students are consistently gaining excellent grades, with 40 per cent of our students scoring over 40 points, out of 45, which is equivalent to 4 As at advanced higher.