The High School of Dundee’s location in the heart of the city helps our pupils feel connected to the real world, creating fully rounded and grounded young people.

With the help of a curriculum in which timetables are built around individual choices, a vast co-curriculum and extensive pastoral support, we help our pupils discover who they are, find their confidence and strengths and begin the journey to where they want to be.

In our primary school, our teachers focus on developing the core skills which are so crucial. But the focus is also on making learning fun, engaging and wide-ranging. 

Children receive teaching from our secondary school subject teachers in multiple areas of study.

It’s an environment in which learning is cool. In our secondary school we have enterprise skills courses which allow pupils the chance to work on real-world projects with local businesses. 

We have a unique sports development programme, providing talented sports stars with the expert coaching and all-round guidance they need to reach the next level. 

There’s a commitment to STEM, with specialist staff, state of the art labs, equipment, and a focus on digital skills.

Come and see us. We’d be delighted to tell you more.

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