Morrison’s Academy in Crieff was established on a proud tradition of philanthropy. We strive to make our educational offering accessible to as many families as possible.

Our school founder, Thomas Morrison, a stonemason and master builder from Muthill, asked that the trustees of his estate “erect and endow an institution … to promote the interests of mankind having a particular regard to the education of youth and the diffusion of knowledge”.

Morrison’s Academy opened in 1860 but would not exist or have thrived without the benevolence of Thomas Morrison. He wanted the children of Strathearn to attend his school and recognised that by making education open to all, he would contribute to a rich and diverse community.

Our school has evolved over the years but its focus on supporting the families and its desire for inclusiveness remains steadfast.

We believe that a Morrison’s Academy education and all of the benefits and opportunities it presents should be accessible to as many children as possible. Consequently, a growing number of means-tested bursaries are awarded each year.

In all cases, the assistance is determined by the individual circumstances of the family. In some cases, full fee awards are made, but the majority of awards fall in the range of 20 per cent to 60 per cent of the tuition fee. In this way we ensure that bursaries help widen access to the school and assist the greatest number of families.

We are always looking for ways to increase the support we offer our school community and recently made our bursary programme available to all pupils from primary one and older. Applications are also considered from existing parents who have experienced a change in circumstances.

We believe that every child who is committed to the values and ethos of the school should have access to Morrison’s Academy, regardless of financial circumstances. Education is life changing and we are passionate about widening the opportunities for children now and in the future. 

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The next Open Morning for Nursery and Primary School take place on Friday, 28 April. For further information about bursaries or other general enquiries contact