As we reflect on the unprecedented events of the past year, our focus at Wright, Johnston & Mackenzie is firmly on helping our clients navigate their way out of the pandemic. 

No sector has been left untouched and the legal sector is no exception. Our ways of working changed and aspects of some sectors, such as commercial property and transactional corporate work were inevitably impacted for a period – but already they are beginning to pick up once again. 

Private client work and related areas such as wealth management remained strong throughout and this is a trend that we think is likely to continue. Meanwhile other areas of work such as employment, contract and commercial, and our renewables practice all continue to see an increase in demand as our experts support clients through this challenging period. 

Last year, one of the things we did as a firm was to refresh our core values, and to agree on a purpose for the firm. We did so through a process involving everyone across the firm. Our purpose and values have been fundamental to shaping our approach during the recent months. 

Our purpose is “to do the right thing, make a difference and build trusted relationships” and these really came into focus as the year progressed. 

We are client service driven and, during lockdown, at times that meant being a sounding board for clients and being genuinely interested in finding out what our clients actually needed from us and where we could help. 

Our values apply not only to our clients but also to our own people, the backbone of our business. We aim to embody these values every day, and they have guided our decision making process at every turn. I also think having articulated a clear set of values has given our people confidence and reassurance as we look to the future. 

Recently Wright, Johnston & Mackenzie announced the appointment Liam Entwistle as its new Chairman. With 19 years’ experience at the firm and vast  

experience in mediation, conflict resolution, negotiation, arbitration and adjudication, he is the perfect fit for a role which brings the responsibility of upholding our brand values as we move forward with a positive outlook. 

We will work with our clients to rebuild the areas most affected by Covid-19. It is likely we will also invest further in areas of the business which have remained strong throughout. 

We also anticipate growing demand in areas such as renewable energy as more companies turn their attention to the green agenda and to the opportunity to drive a green recovery. With that in mind, this month our annual renewable energy seminar will take the form of a virtual event with the theme “Driving the Green Recovery” and will focus on onshore wind. 

Virtual client meetings are also here to stay as these have brought us even closer to our clients and allowed us more face-time with them than ever before. 

Despite this year’s changes and challenges one thing has remained unwavering – our commitment to being client service driven – and this will continue as we move into 2021.