The outbreak of the global pandemic has permanently changed the business landscape throughout the world. Here in Scotland, there are a number of sectors, particularly hospitality and retail, which have been deeply impacted by Covid-19. Some businesses have sadly ceased trading while others are delaying expansion plans or restructuring their entire model to adapt. 

While huge challenges lie ahead, Scotland’s economy has proven to be resilient and diverse over recent years with a broad range of thriving industries providing jobs and creating wealth. Even within this uncertain economic climate, new opportunities are emerging as investors look towards innovative businesses, including those focused on e-commerce, digital entertainment and automation, which are ripe for growth. 

CMS Scotland is supporting clients through these challenging times, helping ensure their businesses will continue to prosper and secure new opportunities in a rapidly changing environment. As legal advisers and business partners, we are committed to helping clients mitigate risk, benefit from innovation, and find new ways to succeed. We understand our local marketplace, but as an international law firm, we also apply global thinking to benefit our clients, large and small, within the Scottish business community. 

We are invested in the long-term growth of Scotland’s economic prosperity. Our current focus is on collaborating with clients and industry experts on what lies ahead as key sectors of Scotland’s economy, such as the workplace, the high street, the renewable energy sector and tourism, recover from the current crisis and remodel for the future. 

This includes our approach to helping Scottish businesses navigate through Brexit. The UK’s withdrawal from the EU at the end of this year is hugely significant factor with potential to create further disruption for many companies, especially those importing from or exporting to Europe. 

Set up immediately after the 2016 referendum, the CMS Brexit group works with clients across Scotland to help them assess the risks and opportunities resulting from Brexit giving them the tools and insights to manage these successfully. Through our international network we’ve been able to share different perspectives of Brexit, from inside the UK and across the EU-27 nations, to help guide businesses in making key strategic decisions. 

During these times of economic as well as social uncertainty, it is critically important that we reinforce our commitment towards the health and wellbeing of the people behind our firm. As a signatory of the Mindful Business Charter, all CMS partners and business leaders have received training in mental health 

awareness to help them spot early warning signs and support their teams by promoting practical ways of working to reduce unnecessary and avoidable stress. 

In addition to providing colleagues with confidential access to psychological support and counselling, we are also active participants in highly regarded initiatives including “The Big Conversation” and the “This Is Me” campaign. These encourage open and engaging discussions between colleagues on mental health-related issues. 

We are especially proud of our wellbeing ambassadors based in each of our offices here in Scotland and internationally. All of our ambassadors have undergone accredited training in mental health, first aid and domestic abuse awareness, and they serve as a first point of contact for any colleague who requires support. 

We recognise the huge challenges many people, businesses and organisations are facing as we progress through the uncharted territories of the impact of the global pandemic and life outside the EU from the end of 2020. 

We look forward to providing our expertise and giving clients our full support during this time of economic upheaval. Together we will find a path to move forward.