In common with small countries around the world, Scotland faces many challenges which call for bold, collective action. The Scottish Council for Development and Industry’s (SCDI) annual Forum that took place in June has, for more than 50 years, convened leaders from government, business, and civil society to address the state of the nation and discuss our future priorities. 

The best ideas come from bringing different perspectives to the same challenge and Forum is the place for constructive, forward-looking discussions and solutions which require cooperation across public, private and third-sector organisations. 

A discussion about Scotland’s future prosperity needs to be informed by a group of people which reflects the diversity of our country. Forum is a place where everyone’s voice is heard and respected, where global CEOs rub shoulders with educators, community and charity representatives and local business owners. 

This year more than 150 change-makers explored how Scotland’s economy can grow in a way which benefits our people and the planet under a theme of Scotland’s Future Prosperity. 

Speakers including Scotland’s First Minister, the Cabinet Secretary for the Wellbeing Economy, Fair Work and Energy, Shadow Secretary of State for Business and Industrial Strategy and Chief Executive of Innovate UK were joined by experts from across industry including science, banking, technology and space. 

The theme of Scotland’s future prosperity was chosen to showcase thinking developed by the Business Purpose Commission, which found that businesses whose purpose is to find profitable solutions to environmental and social challenges are more successful in the long term. The commission’s to-do list has the potential to make significant inroads on the Scottish Government’s Wellbeing Economy priorities and the First Minister’s focus on addressing our long-standing poverty challenges. 

SCDI has been encouraging its members to work towards a Wellbeing Economy which recognises the need to increase our productivity, promote fair work and to enable sustainable growth which has the needs of future generations at its core. 

This thinking has informed the development of our own rebrand, which involves a change of name as well as a new look. 

With a 90-year heritage as Scotland’s most influential cross-sector membership organisation, SCDI has a significant record of achievement but the seismic changes in our economy, industry and society mean the time is right to modernise and re-energise. The new brand represents organisations from the private, public and civil society who share a vision of a brighter, more prosperous future for Scotland.