From a recruitment perspective, there are numerous advantages to be gained from the latest technology

It’s hard to miss the buzz surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) – the trending topic that has taken the world by storm. Over the past few years, AI has made remarkable progress and has been progressively incorporated into a variety of sectors, including the recruitment industry.

In every industry, AI has the potential to improve processes, and this holds true for the executive search process as well. 

However, while AI offers numerous advantages, it’s essential to keep in mind certain considerations if clients view it as an alternative to partnering with an executive search firm. 

Some of the key challenges to be aware of include data privacy, algorithmic biases, and striking the right balance between human judgment and AI-driven insights.

At MM Search, we have consistently been at the cutting edge of adopting technology, with video software playing an essential role in our approach. 

During the shortlisting phase, we present clients with a video introduction and a key competency document for each candidate which has always proved popular with our clients. 

As a challenger brand who are open to using technology, we have always maintained that video will never fully replace human interactions. 

We firmly believe that it’s important to keep a good amount of human decision-making in the senior recruitment process, even when we’re using AI to help out. Nevertheless, this has not stopped us from implementing AI in other areas of our operations. 

We can improve our sourcing process by creating precise job descriptions through AI-powered software on behalf of our clients if needed, and with a single click, collect relevant information about the client we are partnering with. 

This approach supplements the cultural and in-person research we carry out at our first few meetings with clients. 

As the role of AI continues to evolve in every sector, it is crucial for professionals to adapt and stay ahead of the curve. 

As a business, we are using AI to complement and improve the process, but we are mindful that it cannot replace the essential personal touch synonymous with MM Search’s executive search process.

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