As a headhunter, every day is an opportunity to connect with top-tier talent and shape the future of organisations. Exploring the diary of a headhunter reveals an unfolding story of adaptation, resilience, and growth. At MM Search, we work confidently across all sectors and disciplines, constantly monitoring and evaluating which sectors are thriving and growing.

Over the past six months, transport, retail and hospitality have emerged as our most-worked industries. This stands in stark contrast to the challenging times these sectors faced in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic just a few years ago.

In the face of adversity, the transport sector has made a remarkable comeback. As global travel restrictions eased and businesses reopened, organisations in the transport industry looked to rebuild their teams with fresh talent. 

In recent months, 30 per cent of our placements have been within the transport sector working with clients from AGS Airports, McGill’s Buses and Highlands and Islands Airports. From finance directors to category managers, we have successfully placed individuals who possess the specialised skills needed to navigate this shifting landscape.

Retail has also rebounded strongly. As e-commerce gained prominence and consumer behaviour evolved, companies sought dynamic leaders who could drive innovation and excel in omni-channel strategies. Our team has had the privilege of partnering with many retail organisations to secure top talent across various functions, from supply chain management to digital marketing.

The hospitality sector, once significantly impacted by travel restrictions and lockdowns, has shown impressive resilience. Hotels, resorts and restaurants are now actively seeking experienced professionals to provide exceptional guest experiences and drive revenue growth. We have been working with clients such as Macdonald Hotels and Elior to identify dynamic leaders who can navigate this sector’s unique challenges and opportunities.

The diary of a headhunter is an ever-evolving tale, driven by the changing needs of businesses and the remarkable individuals who shape their destinies. At MM Search, our agility and expertise allow us to effectively respond to the changing needs of our clients – an attribute that has propelled us to the forefront of the executive search landscape. 

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