CMS has been at the forefront of embracing technology, including AI tools which have significantly accelerated delivery of a range of legal services such as contract reviews, e-disclosure exercises, litigation analytics and translation. Recent developments in generative AI (GenAI) are enabling us to apply technology in even more areas of work.

As well as enhancing the efficiency and speed of our services, we are also supporting our clients across all sectors to help them better understand and exploit new opportunities presented by technology. 

CMS’s inaugural Legal Tech & Innovation Week in October included sessions aimed at helping clients to best utilise technology to benefit their businesses.

If you consider the repetitive tasks which AI can manage in seconds, you appreciate its potential to free up human beings to focus on other more critical aspects of a business. This applies to large organisations including NatWest – whose chatbot Cora deals with six million customer interactions every quarter – but can also be relevant to many smaller businesses such as Edinburgh-based Intelligent Growth Solutions. 

This SME has leveraged AI to revolutionise agriculture using vertical farming technology that can control variables such as light, air and water to create the optimal environment for plant growth.  

History shows that technological innovation should be embraced, not feared. Rather than causing mass unemployment, these developments have typically increased prosperity by creating well-paid jobs and driving economic growth.

Technology advances have also made the geographical location of businesses far less important, reducing barriers for Scottish-based companies with global growth aspirations. 

Alongside embedding technology in our businesses, it is also important for law firms to innovate in other ways if they want to remain relevant. 

A prime example of this is CMS’s strategic secondment unit. This new team brings together a group of exceptional professionals from our firm who offer legal expertise, operational support and a commercial mindset to help clients deliver their priorities. 

Rapid advancements in technology present a huge opportunity for law firms. Those which combine the power of machines and the innovation of their people to create value for clients will be at the forefront of the legal sector. l

Allan Wernham is Manging Director (Scotland) at CMS.

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