Kelvinside Academy has a mission to redefine education. The forward-thinking indepen-dent school in Glasgow’s West End puts the focus on progres-sive pupil-centric learning at every stage for its 600-plus students.

It pushes beyond the bound-aries of traditional academic assessment right through the co-educational school from the youngest nursery pupils to the oldest.  

As part of its commitment to build a school for the future, Kelvinside Academy opened the world’s first full-time NuVuX in-novation school for high-school age pupils in 2018 in partnership with US-based NuVu, a global initiative developed by a special-ist team of Boston-based MIT graduates.

The £2 million facilities allow students to explore real world topics in a hands-on studio environment, solving complex challenges using creativity, criti-cal thinking, and collaboration.

Kelvinside Academy’s ap-proach to modern learning also includes fully-flexible junior school classrooms inspired by the collaborative, pupil-oriented Scandinavian school model.

The spaces feature bleacher seating, mobile teaching stations, whiteboard tables and reflection pods, where pupils can absorb what they have learned before they move on.  

It is all part of a major long-term investment programme designed to create a school which prepares young people for tomorrow. This includes replacing the traditional library with a ‘Thinking Space’ inspired by Silicon Valley, investment in a Wilderness Campus in the Highlands and the addition of a school yacht.  

Kelvinside Academy’s progres-sive leadership team is driven by the desire to give every pupil relevant and diverse educational experiences that prepare them for success in their adult lives – which is not guaranteed by exam grades.

The school provides pupils with a foundation of core cross-cultur-al life skills that include decision making, problem solving, creative thinking, critical thinking, com-munication and strong interper-sonal abilities that prepare them for the modern world.

The academy’s open day takes place on Saturday 5 November from 1pm. Please register at