The agricultural industry is feeling the combined pressures of a growing population, extreme weather events that may have previously been considered ‘once in a lifetime’, and a supply chain on the brink of collapse. 

A fusion of agriculture and technology could offer a ray of hope for farmers, food producers, and consumers globally. By harnessing innovative agritech solutions such as vertical farming technology, the potential to safeguard the future of farming is within reach, enabling more sustainable production, maximising crop yields, and mitigating environmental risks.

At Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS), our patented vertical farming technology offers a secure environment for year-round consistent crop production, free from herbicides and pesticides.

Our growth towers offer an indoor ecosystem where plants can thrive through automation. This means crops can be grown with precision, aligned with specific growth recipes and advanced modular systems, which are ready to scale when you are.

With arable land diminishing, our vertical farming systems can be built on any unused land or retrofitted into existing buildings to provide perfect growing conditions for a huge number of crops, from full seed-to-harvest plants to seedlings for planting out into more traditional greenhouse or field environments.

As such, economically competitive produce can be grown close to the consumer, not only reducing food miles but increasing both shelf-life and nutritional value while diversifying income streams for the farmer. 

Modern techniques such as vertical farming can work in tandem with traditional agriculture to deliver a more sustainable future for food production.

Our farmers and food producers need to lean into new technology: in fact, just 60 commercial-scale vertical farms could make the UK self-sufficient in leafy greens, which continue to be scarce on our supermarket shelves. 

For a world that’s facing a perfect storm of challenges, embracing technology is vital.

Not only can it help address today’s pressing needs, but it enables our farmers to complement their businesses and diversify into other crops year-round. 

With retailers in the UK now more inclined to buy fruit and veg on a longer-term model, vertical farming can work in collaboration with traditional methods to enhance productivity and ensure our growing population has access to safe, nutritious produce. 

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